Science Fair Foundation Board Members

The Sint Maarten Science Fair Foundation is currently recruiting an Educational Program Coordinator and Public Relations Officer to join our board.

Available position #1


Educational Program Coordinator

Someone passionate about education with experience in curriculum development and event planning. Knowledge of science education is valuable, along with a willingness to contribute time voluntarily.

  • Develop and plan educational programs, workshops, and events for the foundation.
  • Collaborate with board members to align programs with the foundation’s mission.
  • Identify suitable venues, resources, and instructors for workshops.
  • Create educational materials and resources for participants.
  • Coordinate logistics, scheduling, and registration for workshops.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness and impact of educational programs.
  • Engage with schools, teachers, and parents to promote participation.
  • Provide guidance and support to instructors and presenters.
  • Foster partnerships with educational institutions and organizations.
  • Contribute to enhancing science education and engagement among youth.

Commitment level: Moderate.

The coordinator designs educational programs and workshops. Time should be allocated to planning, implementation, and evaluation.

Available position #2


Public Relations Officer

A creative individual with strong communication and marketing skills. Experience in PR, social media, and event promotion is important. A genuine interest in advancing the foundation’s cause is key.

  • Develop and implement a comprehensive public relations strategy for the foundation.
  • Manage the foundation’s social media accounts, website, and online presence.
  • Create engaging content, including articles, blog posts, and press releases.
  • Coordinate media coverage and interviews for foundation events.
  • Promote the foundation’s initiatives, including workshops and the science fair.
  • Cultivate relationships with local media outlets, influencers, and partners.
  • Design and distribute promotional materials for events and programs.
  • Monitor online conversations and respond to inquiries and comments.
  • Collaborate with the Vice Treasurer on fundraising campaigns.
  • Contribute to enhancing the foundation’s public image and reputation.

Commitment level: Moderate.

The PR Officer manages communication with the public and media. Time should be invested in crafting messages, managing social media, and promoting events.